Friday, April 27, 2012

Two Hearts Wedding Sampler

Two Hearts Wedding Record
Designed by: Navina Capecci
Size: 28cm x 36cm
Stitched on linen that has a tea dyed look

I completed this lovely wedding sampler a few months ago and finally found a frame at Target that I thought would suit it.

I wanted to use matting board but it would have had to go with a much bigger frame and I felt that it would have made this picture just too big for their home. So I decided to attempt framing it myself using this cross over technique that I've seen used before. I was surprised at how easy it was to stretch the fabric to get it taut using this "shoe lace" technique.

It's for my lovely Indonesian friend Elisabeth who married our friend Phil last year in August (as you can see it's done almost in time for their first anniversary.) They've been busy renovating their home so they weren't ready to use this yet anyway so thus the reason for not rushing its finish.

I loved working on this piece especially that gorgeous lacey white border.

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