Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sewing Corner Score - Part II

Here's my new sewing desk again. We picked it up last night. See that cupoboard on the left? Well, that door slides upwards and pushes right inside...and here's what I found underneath/

All these neat little cubby holes. We think there must once have been drawers in those three at the top and a big file drawer at the bottom. It still has the stoppers on the floor of the cupboard. My husband wants to try to get some Silky Oak timber to make a new drawer, but as one of my sewing friends said tonight: "Just the right size for an overlocker." Hmmm.... come to think of it Mum did offer me hers. It's only 5 years old and like brand new. She doesn't use it but I said no because I didn't have anywhere to put it. Well.... looks like I do now. By the way it's very dusty in there isn't it?

 This is the long drawer at the front. Eeekkk!!! Needed to vacuum, dust and scrub it.

Then I lined it with some pretty duck egg blue scrapbooking papers

... and put in some small containers to organize all my sewing things that used to be in my old broken sewing basket. Happy to toss that one out today.

This is the other smaller drawer under the cupboard door that will hold all my cottons - AND.... knitting needles in every size. That's another skill I never mastered but I know a small someone here who wants to learn.

I found these lovely small glass jars at Spotlight today for only $1.00 each. Perfect for storing all my buttons - black, brown, rainbow colours, gold and silver and ofcourse those lovely white toned ones at the back in the larger jar.

So here it sits so far. Isn't it cute?

I also found out the story behind the desk when we picked it up. It had been in this couples family for over 50 years. Belonging to his parents who are now in their late 80s who saved it from an old fire station in Bundaberg (northern Queensland) and then lovingly professionally restored for his wife years ago, it was her sewing table too. They lived for many years in the country and it suited their style but now they have moved onto the coast for the sake of their grown children and their new house is very modern. As the lady of the house said "it just didn't suit our new house style." They had a garage full of items like this one that they were selling on Ebay to make room for the new.

Well old is new for me and I just LOVE it!


  1. Hi - it´s a very comfortable sewing table....great story about the preowner....Best to you and I want to see the new sewing results....;-))
    Wuff and LG Aiko

  2. Oh your sewing corner is coming along wonderfully! Love the little clear jars and your drawers are so organized! It will be fun sewing in your pretty space!

    I am working on a creative space too and it's taking me forever but I am having so much fun with it! The sewing cabinet was in such great shape. I had one sort of similar but the finish was terrible on it so had hubby do some creative cutting on it to make something different. I have a post on it and need to do a tutorial as it came out really cool! Oh, I did post the inspiration board tute too!

    bee blessed

  3. Hey Maursie
    you have been very busy haven't you? I'm envious of your lovely sewing cupboard/table. With limited space (as you would have seen on my blog) my 'creative' corner is literally that. Just a CORNER. It's a bit like being the naughty girl at school....sent to the corner!
    xx anita