Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cute, Cuddly and Cavaliers

Mr Teddy has been moving around our house from room to room over the past few months. He's just a big dust collector (as cute as he is) and nobody much wants him anymore because he makes us all sneeze!

Lately he's been moved from chair to chair in the loungeroom until we can think of what to do with him.

He was a present for one of our children when they were born so we're reluctant to just throw him away.

He makes a good pillow!

Sigh.....he's very soft and cuddly.

Please don't throw him away Mummy...I promise I won't chew him up...

Mr Teddy is my special friend.

Hey, don't be greedy...I love his cuddles too.

He pats me on the head...

...and I snuggle up close...

Zzzzzzzzzzzz! Good night!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Reading Chair

Nine years ago my husband and I bought our first home. It was a small, neglected, ugly ex-rental, but we were happy to have a home of our own for our two little babies and to have got into the housing market just before prices skyrocketed out of ridiculous proportion. It's meant we've been able to maintain a quiet, simple lifestyle without the heavy burden of an exorbitant debt hanging over our heads. I've never been a person who wants much in the way of material things, just a happy healthy family and to live a simple life whilst slowly renovating this home into our little haven. All I asked was that one day I could have a quiet place to sit and read and enjoy the afternoon sun.

After eight years of scrimping and saving and lots of renovating my husband finally finished our lovely outdoor sunroom...

...and I got my quiet place to sit and read. In Summer my chair is placed in the shady part of the room which captures the breezes flowing through...

...and the garden has had a lot of work done on it too, so that now instead of ugly brown dead lawn we have a lovely green outlook.

It's our happy place!

I just love to come and sit outside of an afternoon and enjoy one of my passions - reading!!!

At the moment I'm enjoying the first in a series of ten books - "The Pemberley Chronicles". Written by Rebecca Ann Collins, they are sequels to Jane Austens' "Pride and Prejudice" (my all time favourite book). They follow the lives of Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett after the wedding day. I've read all of Elizabeth Astons sequels too. If you loved P&P you won't be disapppointed in any of these.

At the start of June my husband lovingly shifted my special reading chair into the other corner of the room where the afternoon winter sun shines and warms me as I read. The one stipulation of our sunroom was the new furniture was off limits to the puppies.

But someone better tell Marley that!

This is where I found him for the first time yesterday afternoon, after I had finished reading and gone inside to start cooking dinner.

Then again today I found them both very cheeky but happily making themselves comfortable on my favourite reading chair.

They don't look at all guilty or in a hurry to get off do they.

Even after protestations to them both to get off my chair...Marley just plonked himself down and kept on sleeping....but not for long... "Move on over!" I said, and somehow we all managed to fit ourselves on there. Jasper on the footstool, Marley on my lap with my book resting on his back.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Cat Dog Cavalier

Marley and Jasper love to sit in the sun and watch the goings on outside

Marley is our especial "cat dog"

Yesterday he was all sleepy as he soaked in the afternoon sun lazing on the armchair like a cat!

He watched the cars go by for awhile....

...and then fell into a deep, deep sleep. I was able to quickly take these photos while he was sleeping and  then loaded them onto my computer.... why you may ask is he now sleeping here on the opposite side of the room after only fifteen minutes? While I was busy loading the photos, all of a sudden I heard a THUMP! and then a YELP! Poor Marley was so deeply asleep that he fell right off the armchair and hit the floor with a thud! After getting up all dazed  and dizzy, and coming over for a cuddle he leapt up onto the opposite lounge and looked like a shell shocked puppy. Silly Marley!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Puppy Insecurity every "Pigs Ear Friday"

Mummy goes grocery shopping every Friday morning. So when she gets home around lunch's Pigs Ear Friday. Yay!

Marley and Jasper each get a pigs ear to chew on while Mummy unpacks the groceries.

Jasper just gets right in and finishes his in no time at all.

Marley spends the first ten minutes trying to hide his pigs ear from Jasper who has always been the faster eater...and then Jasper comes and hovers over Marley as he eats his.

Sometimes Jasper gets just a bit too close to Marley's pigs ear
"Hmmm should I take it?"
Marley will stand back and bark or run into the kitchen to get Mummy. He jumps around in circles as if to say.... "Mummy come...Jasper's trying to steal my pigs ear again!" Jasper won't actually eat Marley's pigs ear, but will lay so close as to intimidate Marley. If Marley tries to take it back Jasper will quietly growl!

So Mummy has to rescue Marley's pigs's been this way for the last two years.

Jasper scoffs down his food...and then hovers!!!

Marley has got into a habit now of wasting ten minutes looking for hidey holes for his pigs ear. If only he'd realize....just get into it and eat it. But no....he hides the pigs ear, then runs back and barks at Jasper while Jasper is happily eating's his way of intimidating Jasper. It's a wonder they don't give each other a nervous stomach!

Just look at this innocent face. Hard to believe he could intimidate anyone.

Last Friday I took this photo....look at the fear in his eyes...."where can I hide it today?" It's usually behind a cushion on the lounge. Occassionally if my bedroom door is open I will find a pigs ear tucked in behind the pillows on our bed.

As usual Jasper got right in and enjoyed his pigs ear feast

While Marley thought: "Hhmmmm....this big fluffy thing looks like a good place to stuff my pigs ear."

"Maybe I'll just hide it in behind here."

Looking a bit worried Marley? Not quite sure....will Jasper find it there?

After ten minutes Jasper was finished and came on over to watch Marley eat. Just look at that cheeky grin!

"I'm watching you Marley...don't you walk away from it or it will be mine.....all mine.....Wooohahahahahaha" (evil laugh)!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pachyderm Day Spa

Have you been suffering from tired eyes lately?

Feeling 'Saggy Baggy' and don't know what to do about it?

Do you feel run off your feet?

Would you enjoy some pampering with your BFFs?

Perhaps your skin needs some rehydrating?

Well don't despair, just come on in and enjoy a Pachyderm Day Spa! 

Guaranteed to put the smile back into your day and leave you feeling rejuvenated

Just lay right down and relax your weary bones while our professional staff pamper you with a mineral douche

We'll have you looking ten years younger and cleaner than the day you were born

Enjoy our complimentary pedicure...

...and tantalizing foot massage... we buff and polish those tired toes...

Soak in a relaxing spa bath!

...and enjoy a complimentary drink as you chit chat with your girlfriends... doesn't that feel better?

So remember!
If you need a pachyderm lift
Come on down to the 'Land Downunder' and have a Pachyderm Day Spa!

We're waiting for YOU!

(This post was inspired by our visit to Australia Zoo - all photos were taken by me)