Monday, June 14, 2010

Marley's baby photos

Our friend Rouky
reminds our Mummy so much of me (Marley) when I was a little puppy and first came to my new home. I was only 8 weeks old.

I arrived with my 'Mama Bunny'...that is my stuffed bunny toy that smelt like my doggy Mummy and helped me to feel at home.

At 12 weeks old I was still very caramel coloured. Lots of white puppy fluff mixed in with my tan fur.

At 13 weeks old I started losing my puppy fluff and was looking more tan.

At 14 weeks I was looking less fluffy and more sleek.

At 15 weeks

Mummy says I was a skinny little runt.

I think I've turned out alright...even with my 'beauty spots' - don't you?

Once all my feathering kicked in Mummy said I looked quite elegant.


  1. You are beautiful with your beauty spots Marley!

  2. Marley, you look so much like me when I was a puppy. It's astonishing! We could pass for brothers! May I say you were a very cute puppy? :-)
    Big hugs!

  3. ooh these puppy pics just melted my heart! Have me headed to the archives for my maizey's baby pics. My big girl doesn't have baby pics (a sadness to me) since she was rescued about age two. And the cav's beauty spots are all part of the charm! wonderful pics!