Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Reading Chair

Nine years ago my husband and I bought our first home. It was a small, neglected, ugly ex-rental, but we were happy to have a home of our own for our two little babies and to have got into the housing market just before prices skyrocketed out of ridiculous proportion. It's meant we've been able to maintain a quiet, simple lifestyle without the heavy burden of an exorbitant debt hanging over our heads. I've never been a person who wants much in the way of material things, just a happy healthy family and to live a simple life whilst slowly renovating this home into our little haven. All I asked was that one day I could have a quiet place to sit and read and enjoy the afternoon sun.

After eight years of scrimping and saving and lots of renovating my husband finally finished our lovely outdoor sunroom...

...and I got my quiet place to sit and read. In Summer my chair is placed in the shady part of the room which captures the breezes flowing through...

...and the garden has had a lot of work done on it too, so that now instead of ugly brown dead lawn we have a lovely green outlook.

It's our happy place!

I just love to come and sit outside of an afternoon and enjoy one of my passions - reading!!!

At the moment I'm enjoying the first in a series of ten books - "The Pemberley Chronicles". Written by Rebecca Ann Collins, they are sequels to Jane Austens' "Pride and Prejudice" (my all time favourite book). They follow the lives of Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett after the wedding day. I've read all of Elizabeth Astons sequels too. If you loved P&P you won't be disapppointed in any of these.

At the start of June my husband lovingly shifted my special reading chair into the other corner of the room where the afternoon winter sun shines and warms me as I read. The one stipulation of our sunroom was the new furniture was off limits to the puppies.

But someone better tell Marley that!

This is where I found him for the first time yesterday afternoon, after I had finished reading and gone inside to start cooking dinner.

Then again today I found them both very cheeky but happily making themselves comfortable on my favourite reading chair.

They don't look at all guilty or in a hurry to get off do they.

Even after protestations to them both to get off my chair...Marley just plonked himself down and kept on sleeping....but not for long... "Move on over!" I said, and somehow we all managed to fit ourselves on there. Jasper on the footstool, Marley on my lap with my book resting on his back.


  1. Hi Marley and hi Jasper, no go area - I´m to big to jump on a cosy reading chair, but sometimes I lay me down in front of my Frauchen so she can put her feet on me.....good to know, that we were loved one´s so they will never be crazy against us....
    Wuff and LG
    Aiko think: You have a wonderful House!!
    here we have some high temperatures and it´s full summer - wonderful for my humans - but I prefer laying in our coolest corner under the carport between the cars....funny!

  2. What a superb sun room (and garden). It must be magical to read and reflect there...
    I'm going on vacation in a few weeks and I'm out of books to read. I LOVE Pride and Prejudice and I like to read in English, so I'll order the fist books of the sequel. Can't wait to receive them!
    You know, I completely share your values about material things. I prefer to have a small house, but not to worry about money all the time... A simple lifestyle can be fun and fulfilling!