Thursday, June 24, 2010

Puppy Insecurity every "Pigs Ear Friday"

Mummy goes grocery shopping every Friday morning. So when she gets home around lunch's Pigs Ear Friday. Yay!

Marley and Jasper each get a pigs ear to chew on while Mummy unpacks the groceries.

Jasper just gets right in and finishes his in no time at all.

Marley spends the first ten minutes trying to hide his pigs ear from Jasper who has always been the faster eater...and then Jasper comes and hovers over Marley as he eats his.

Sometimes Jasper gets just a bit too close to Marley's pigs ear
"Hmmm should I take it?"
Marley will stand back and bark or run into the kitchen to get Mummy. He jumps around in circles as if to say.... "Mummy come...Jasper's trying to steal my pigs ear again!" Jasper won't actually eat Marley's pigs ear, but will lay so close as to intimidate Marley. If Marley tries to take it back Jasper will quietly growl!

So Mummy has to rescue Marley's pigs's been this way for the last two years.

Jasper scoffs down his food...and then hovers!!!

Marley has got into a habit now of wasting ten minutes looking for hidey holes for his pigs ear. If only he'd realize....just get into it and eat it. But no....he hides the pigs ear, then runs back and barks at Jasper while Jasper is happily eating's his way of intimidating Jasper. It's a wonder they don't give each other a nervous stomach!

Just look at this innocent face. Hard to believe he could intimidate anyone.

Last Friday I took this photo....look at the fear in his eyes...."where can I hide it today?" It's usually behind a cushion on the lounge. Occassionally if my bedroom door is open I will find a pigs ear tucked in behind the pillows on our bed.

As usual Jasper got right in and enjoyed his pigs ear feast

While Marley thought: "Hhmmmm....this big fluffy thing looks like a good place to stuff my pigs ear."

"Maybe I'll just hide it in behind here."

Looking a bit worried Marley? Not quite sure....will Jasper find it there?

After ten minutes Jasper was finished and came on over to watch Marley eat. Just look at that cheeky grin!

"I'm watching you Marley...don't you walk away from it or it will be mine.....all mine.....Wooohahahahahaha" (evil laugh)!


  1. maizey's most valuable treat is a cranberry zukes, every time she gets one she runs around crying until she can find someplace "safe" to hide it. Funny too cause meeka never bothers her for her treats or toys, in our house its maizey who ends up with all the goodies! Best part is her favorite hiding place is my purse.LOL Can't tell you the number of times I've got into it at the store and first thing I grab? Cranberry Zukes Bone!

  2. hahaha I love this! My two like cow ears, but Kosmo not especially so. That's so cute!! I have to say, they do have pretty ingenious hiding places :P Love it!

  3. This is so cute! I love their dynamic and their hide-and-seek game. And that photo of Jasper "smiling" is precious!

    Rouky has never had pig ears yet. When is stomach is going to be OK again, I'll try to find some for him.