Thursday, September 30, 2010

Meeting Max

We visited Oma last week and had a swim in the pool...then after awhile we heard somebody coming and soon we were to know our peace would be over.

Our new friend Max arrived to visit too. He was HUGE!!! Only eleven months old and still full of puppy playfulness.

Max loves to swim in the pool as well. He jumped right in and went for a swim.

Marley didn't quite know what to make of this BIG GIANT who suddenly appeared. With tail between his legs he ran to spend the rest of the day on Mummy's lap.


Here he comes. Just look at the sheer terror in little Jaspers eyes. Max pounced on top of him like a little kitten....but with his weight he scared poor Jasper almost to death and almost knocked Jasper and Mummy into the pool with his playfulness. Max, we know you only wanted to play, but I don't think Marley and Jasper were quite ready for meeting such a BIG new friend.

PS. time bring your own ball. I don't think Jasper was very impressed with you taking his ball and biting it in half LOL!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hello Spring

Hello Spring!

We're ready and waiting to play!

Hello pretty bird bath

...where little birds come to bathe...

Hello you Great Big 9ft Hibiscus Bush

I remember you only three years ago coming home in a 9 inch pot - you were just a stick. Now look at you, prolific with sunny yellow blooms.

Hello little purple pansies planted only three weeks ago

We know some 'Little Miss' who will be very happy to see you after school today

You Giant Purple Hollywood Pansy you!

Hello little lone yellow Jennifer're a bit slower in coming out to meet us, but one 'Little Sir' will be so delighted you've finally graced us with your presence. He was starting to envy his sisters pansy plantings.

Hello Mummy's parsley in two different varities. You're a bit much for us already....Mummy will have to bundle you up and give you away to the neighbours.

HELLO!!!! yummy strawberries...our mouths are tingling in anticipation of your arrival

Hello little white flower that grows on the big white bush out back... of these days we will have to find out your name.

Hello Beach! We're heading back to you very soon....after Jasper has a hair cut so he doesn't drown in all that fluff.

Hello ironing....Oh NO! No you don't....Go Away.....Not today. Not on this glorious SPRING Day.