Sunday, July 4, 2010

Stress Puppies

Something BIG is happening this weekend! But we don't know what....we don't understand...everything is changing and the people are running around emptying the house...everything is gone and our home looks chaotic.... here we lay on our day beds in the kitchen...nobody told us to come here but we can feel it when things aren't right, so we cower in our beds and stay here all day...

....they've ripped up all the carpet...we hear that our Mummy has been wanting to do that for years because our big brother suffers from allergies and breathing problems...they're going to put down tiles throughout the whole house.

...hours later and we're still here...

Mummy was so shocked to find a "sand pit" under the carpet when they ripped it up...inches of thick dirt and fine sand from six years of heavy unhealthy!!!

Marley is particularly stressed. Are they going to leave us here and go away....I'd better follow Mummy around from room to room as she works.

Sunday morning and now what is Daddy and big brother doing...ripping up the bathroom??? Mummy says that the insurance builder is coming to fix up the damage that the leaky burst pipes made a few months ago, ruined the vanity and underneath the bath. Daddy is taking the opportunity to get rid of the old bath and put in a new adult size one.

"Mummy, you won't leave us here with all this mess will you? Marley and I are worried, we don't understand why everything is upside down."

The kids are working hard! Mummy and Daddy are very impressed with the way they love to help. long is this going to go on?

Now what!!! Daddy found an ants nest in big sissy's bedroom when he pulled up the carpet in there. Eeekkk!!! Mummy sprayed them but they keep coming back. What a disaster. Better ring pest control tomorrow morning. Daddy says they're not termites so that's a relief. They're just the normal black house ants...still they're annoying. Mummy said "hmmm, so that's what that black dirt was I found under the window sill every now and then!"

I'm getting a bit bored!....Is it nearly over?

More ants....they're in every wall of sissy's room.

Last night the whole family camped out in the loungeroom with the heaters on and had Thai food take out for dinner. Mummy was so worried about us stressing that she even put our beds in there for the night. Daddy said "Just this once!" We usually sleep in the laundry, but Marley was so stressed he just went on back to his own bed and didn't come out until daylight! I slept in between Mummy and big brother most of the night but then I went to look for Marley to keep him company. this space for more destruction on the way...
BUT....a light at the end of the tunnel. By next weekend all new tiling and no more allergies hopefully!


  1. Hi - oh what a pitty!!!! Of course - that´s sound a to be a little (big) problem - but all things will going right and new and more and more better - the aunts have several lives - I always bring some back to my house after sleeping on the green outside....
    Here it´s hot - but summer!!
    Do you like soccer?
    wuff wuff

  2. You never want to make friends with ants....
    They get into places no self repecting dog would ever want to go to.

    Just think of all the lovely muddy foot prints you can create in the Winter......... it's worth the wait honestly.
    lots of love Amie Soto Blossom x x x

  3. Poor Marley and Jasper, my two would be completely freaking out right beside them. Good luck on your renovations. It will all be worth it in the end!

  4. What a giant home renovation project! Poor Marley and Jasper: they had a stressful time. The house is going to look wonderful soon. No more carpets and no ants! Can't wait to see pictures!
    Mom can't wait to remove the ugly carpet that we have in part of our house. She at the "saving money" part of the project!
    Hugs and a big "high five" to the children. They seem to be doing a wonderful job!

  5. Thanks for all your comments. Back to work on it all today. "Muddy pawprints" says Rouky...Mummy agrees, but she is happy that at least the mud can be easily mopped up rather than ground into the carpet and then need to pay to have it cleaned every few months. Will use our trusty ENJO mop. We love it. Mopping is done in no time

  6. It will all be over soon! No Worries!

  7. WoW! How jealous I am that you have no more carpet! I would love to tear up the rest of the carpet in our house, but *someone else* thinks some rooms need carpet or his feet get cold. (roley eyes here) Maybe we should get him some of what Amie Soto Blossom calls "furry slippers" (hope thats right amie:-))). LOL

  8. It's true that no carpet can be cold, but we live in the tropics so winter only lasts 4-6 weeks at the most and doesn't get all that cold really - not like Canada. So.....we'll put on some furry slippers and get a rug on the floor for winter. Floor boards would've been nice too but so much more expensive and need to be maintained. Found more damage today through the wall into the toilet's getting worse before it gets better I'm told.

  9. OH we know just how you feel. Mom says I got sick the last time they cleaned all the carpeting simply because my daily routine was changed. Your having a lot of work all at once - so unsettling. But your human brother is going to fill so much better and well those ants just have got to go!! Don't stress find a lap and at night and cuddle!!
    <3 Miss Kodee @Bark'n About
    P.S. We want to see after pictures later!!