Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Renovation Rescue

It's Day 4 of the renovations here at the mad house! Marley and Jasper have been sleeping over at Oma's along with the rest of the family. Oma has set up a lovely room just for the kids with a craft table and beds and a TV and even room for big brothers computer.

Marley and Jasper get to sleep in with the kids which was a bit of an experiment because they're used to sleeping on their own in the laundry at home, but so far it's working out fine.

The past three days were mayhem at home. Finding ever more damage as we pulled off tiles in the bathroom and then realized that the water had damaged the adjoining wall into the toilet. Happily the insurance builder came today to start on fixing it all up and will fix up the damage to the two toilet walls as well.

Marley and Jasper have come home today with Mummy and big brother to help Daddy. M&J are sleeping under my feet as I write in the one and only room that we've left set up during renovation stage - the office.

We will renovate that last - it means Mummy's sanity to have a place to sit during the day while the work is going on....plus it's tax time and there's bookkeeping to do.

The professionals are here today - plumbing, carpentry and the tiler just arrived. So hoping that the work will only take two weeks before we can move back in permanently. Tiling the house, while it has always been on our mind to do at some stage, was really a last minute decision brought about by the need to redo the bathroom anyway. We thought one disruption is enough so let's get it over with all in one hit. So that's why we are doing a lot of the work ourselves. We've always preferred to do our own renovating as far as we can. Except for plumbing and electrical Daddy is an amazing handyman which has saved us a lot over the years. However, we are really tired of it all now.

M&J could have stayed at Oma's today but after Jasper so lovingly woke Mummy up at 5.45 this morning and Mummy got up thinking he needed to go out to the toilet only to find him grabbing his ball and heading for the swimming pool to play 'let's throw it in and retrieve' (his favourite game at Oma's - see previous post). Mummy thought "no way am I drying you off before 6am in the morning in the middle of winter." So a very disappointed Jasper was sent straight back to bed and then Mummy decided to take both the puppies home so that Oma didn't have to contend with wet dogs today while I was away.

Sorry but I have to use some random old photo today as I am working on the office computer and don't have any new photos stored on here. I wanted to keep this a bit interesting. I promise not to bore you with too much more renovating and get back to puppy adventures soon.


  1. What a HUGE project! You are very couragous to do all this at once, but it's a great idea. After that, you'll be done for a while!
    Your friend is very nice to invite all the family over during these "mad" 2 weeks!
    To Jasper: could playing in the pool have waited a bit longer this morning??!!
    And to M&J's mommy : your renovation stories are not boring at all! They are inspiring, even with old puppy pictures!!!

  2. Thank you Rouky. Oma that we are staying with is my mother. Oma and Opa is the German (in their case Austrian) term for Grandmother and Grandfather. Yes they are very kind to have us stay with them.

  3. Good luck with all your hard work renovations.
    Looks like they are pleased to be home.
    Amie got really upset when the cottage was flooded. Not quite as upset as we were, but not herself till everything calmed down and went back to normal again. GOOD LUCK with it all..X X X