Saturday, August 28, 2010

Getting ready for Spring

Yesterday I went to our local shopping centre and passed by the little florist there. She had the most beautiful hydrangeas on display in four different colourways in little pots ready for an indoor display and then later when they stop flowering they can be planted in a shady place in the garden.

As our outdoor room is decorated in beige and cream with eggshell blue cushions I chose these gorgeous light blue hydrangeas in a pot.

Then while looking for something completely different I found the perfect pot to put them in....

...and the perfect place to display them! I felt so happy to see them near my favourite reading chair ready for Spring in just four more days.....and keeping my little birds company.

So what has made you HAPPY today as you head for a lovely Autumn? I'd love to know.

PS. Did you spot a little tail flicking by.....he he he....! Cheeky puppy Jasper.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

So what's with this???

Ahhemm....somebody asked us if we have been sleeping??? Well to answer your question...YES...we have been very lazy about writing in our blog and so has our Mummy. She has enjoyed reading some of yours, but has been a little bit lazy about taking photos lately, or rather she would say very busy and as you can see by the quality of these photos (taken on her mobile phone) she needs to recharge the batteries of her camera. These phone photos are just a little bit pathetic we think!!!

Big Sissie decided to dress us up again which she is want to do from time to time. This time she thought we needed more than our warm coats...we needed a blankie to keep us even warmer. As you can see we are very cosy and......yaaaaawnnn.....please don't disturb us for too long we want to go right back to sleep after this post. 

Since coming home we have also been lazy about our eating habits. We won't eat directly from our bowls. Mummy has to tip some of our food onto the floor and as we lay down leisurely like the "KINGS" we are we can just take our time about eating up. 

...and then when we are finished we wait patiently until Mummy comes back to tip out some more. 

 Mummy thinks this has got to STOP! What's next hand feeding???

Hmmm....not a bad idea....just open my mouth and pour the food in while I catch a few more Zzzzzzz's.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Trying something new - trust!

I took these photos a few months ago after returning home from being out. It had been raining and I used them in an older post back in March to explain how ever since we enclosed our outdoor room we were forced to lock Marley and Jasper outside in the yard whenever we were not home so they wouldn't jump on all the furniture and mostly because Marley is such a chronic chewer and would destroy all my soft furnishings - cushions, towels, old cane lounge. I returned home to find them both hanging by the back door - soggy doggys!

Daddy had cleared out the cubby house and put a bed in there and made it all cosy and warm for them - but to no avail. They would just sit by the back door in the rain waiting for us to come home.

Everyone is always telling me - They are DOGS!!! They will survive a bit of rain. But I am such a softy and I feel so sad whenever I have to go out and lock them out in the pouring rain. I don't mean just a small drizzle. It rains here....and rains....and rains....all day. When I wrote that post in March it had rained the whole month. I work from home so I don't have to leave them alone often. When I do, this is the face I get from Marley who hides right outside the back door under the roof eaves and pleads with me "Pleeeeeeeeeese don't lock me out Mummy...

....this is where I'd rather be. I promise I'll behave myself."

Well....since the dogs have come home from our month at Oma and Opa's house they have been so good. Sleeping in their beds at night with no barrier to keep them there. Today when my husband was home from work because of .....RAIN!!! of course, we decided to do a bit of shopping and I just didn't have the heart to lock them outside. So.....we decided to trust them alone... inside the house... for two hours. When we returned home they were waiting to greet us at the door just as in this older photo...

...and had spent the two hours sleeping peacefully. They really CAN behave themselves! Hmmmm....not sure if I'll let them make a habit of it... but for a short trip out maybe they can stay inside and mind the house.....dry...and warm and cosy.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Back in action!

Well we're finally back home. It took a month before we could all move back into the house and have use of the bathroom. Nearly all the tiling is finished, only the study and laundry to go. It looks lovely and we're so happy that we made the decision to pull up the carpet.

The shower screen was installed today so now we can have a shower again instead of just a bath - although - that has been nice in the winter to soak in the hot bath.

I haven't yet taken any final photos of the house. There's still a bit of painting to be done so I'm waiting until it's all done before I can put back the pictures, mirrors, ornaments etc and then I'll take some photos to show you all.

Our friends from Pet Beds Sale came to visit us the other week and we got our first glimpse of their van...

...sporting a HUGE photo of Marley on each side of the van. We got a real thrill to think that our puppies face is driving all over the city.

Not too sure they were so happy with such a BIG!!! picture on their van, it seems it just worked out that way. Oh well, they don't seem to mind and it's attracted them a few queries.

Marley and Jasper are slowly getting used to their new surroundings, no carpet in the loungeroom has been their biggest obstacle. The first day we came home Marley didn't know just where to lay down - he just stood in the middle of the loungeroom for an hour looking around at the cold hard tiled floor. Then I brought in their day beds and they quickly settled underneath my desk in their beds.

One positive in all this has been that while we stayed with my parents for a month the puppies slept in the spare room with the children and got used to not roaming around the house at night. So when we came back home we stopped putting down their barrier in front of their beds as we always have been at night to stop them wondering around our house. Now when I say go to bed off they go and stay in their beds all night until the morning - although I have heard the pitter patter of little feet a few nights and the jingle of a collar - I think it's Jasper haunting the halls to check if we are all asleep, then when I've got up to see where he is he has taken himself back to bed.

We're HAPPY to be back home!!!

Oh and you may have noticed that I've also added a Blog Classification to Cavaliers Corner. While reading some blogs recently the thought came to me that blogs should be classified similar to movies and books. I want people to feel that even their children and mine could read our blog and not be offended in anyway. We are family friendly and my aim is to only write that which is sincere, true and always to be kind.