Tuesday, August 24, 2010

So what's with this???

Ahhemm....somebody asked us if we have been sleeping??? Well to answer your question...YES...we have been very lazy about writing in our blog and so has our Mummy. She has enjoyed reading some of yours, but has been a little bit lazy about taking photos lately, or rather she would say very busy and as you can see by the quality of these photos (taken on her mobile phone) she needs to recharge the batteries of her camera. These phone photos are just a little bit pathetic we think!!!

Big Sissie decided to dress us up again which she is want to do from time to time. This time she thought we needed more than our warm coats...we needed a blankie to keep us even warmer. As you can see we are very cosy and......yaaaaawnnn.....please don't disturb us for too long we want to go right back to sleep after this post. 

Since coming home we have also been lazy about our eating habits. We won't eat directly from our bowls. Mummy has to tip some of our food onto the floor and as we lay down leisurely like the "KINGS" we are we can just take our time about eating up. 

...and then when we are finished we wait patiently until Mummy comes back to tip out some more. 

 Mummy thinks this has got to STOP! What's next hand feeding???

Hmmm....not a bad idea....just open my mouth and pour the food in while I catch a few more Zzzzzzz's.


  1. Great photo's.... love them....
    Nothing like keeping people on their toes, nothing wrong with hand feeding.
    lots of luv AMIE SOTO BLOSSOM X X X

  2. Those blanket pictures are VERY cute! We have been very bad this summer too - I think I did 2 updates. But that is not necessarily a bad thing - summer is too be enjoyed!

  3. Very cute pictures of your lazy royal cavaliers! Check your blog profile email if you can, I sent you a note about some snoods. :)

  4. Hi Jasper, hi Marley - so cute pics. I´m very happy to see you both in best condition, I was a little bit worried about you. But now it´s over.
    Take the time you need to post - don´t hurry - I wait.....
    Wuff and LG

  5. Awww. How lovely these pictures are :)!

  6. Cavaliers were made to be pampered! I love the new picture at the top of your blog. I know it's not new, new but I never got around to posting a message about it before.

  7. Thank you all for your kind comments. I LOVE getting comments. It gives me a real tingling BUSS when I log in and see...Yippee! somebodies reading my blog and even felt like commenting. It just makes my day to know that people are enjoying what I write. I'm sure you all feel the same with your blogs too. A very BIG thankyou!