Sunday, June 10, 2012

My Teacup

"Needles & Pins"
Designer: Maria Diaz
Stitched on 28ct Off White Cashel Linen
DMC threads

This was my favourite little teacup that I've had almost as long as we've been married. I accidently dropped it from the drain tray on the kitchen sink a few weeks back and it developed a very fine hairline crack inside - not terribly noticeable but enough that I don't feel safe drinking from it anymore in case it splits while I'm having my hot cup of tea. I was so reluctant to throw it away that it just sat on the kitchen bench for three weeks until I stumbled on a lovely idea to repurpose it.

A new era in cross-stitching for me was when yesterday I downloaded a few different cross-stitch magazines onto my iPad including
Britain's No.1 Cross Stitcher
with it's free sample magazine Issue 243 from September 2011.

As I leafed through all the lovely designs to stitch and contemplating the easability of stitching from a pattern directly from the iPad I was so delighted to find this design on page 9
"Needles & Pins"
The original design is stitched using pinks and blues but I adapted it to suit my own teacup using yellows instead of the blues for the smaller flowers.

Here is Maria Diaz' original design that I worked from.


  1. It is so lovely, so delicate! Very well done...

    PS:Your colors choice is better than her as well as cup :))

  2. Your teacup is beautiful! You did an amazing job. Very pretty.