Friday, April 30, 2010

Up Close and Personal with Marley and Jasper

Last weekend my daughter and I wanted to watch a movie together
One of those gorgeous Barbie movies. Our son was playing on his PS2 and so we headed for our bedroom and sat on the bed all snug and cosy having some girly time together.

And...of course who came to join us but two very cheeky boys!

It gave me a good opportunity to take some "Up Close and Personal" photos of Marley and Jasper

who quickly settled down very comfortably thank you very much!

What a regal profile you have Mister Jasper

Of course it didn't help that a certain big sister was eating some chips!

Shhh......don't tell Daddy we're up here!

Can anyone guess what I'm thinking...."Give the dog your food!"

Then once the chips were all gone.....

...are you sure they're ALL gone?...

...okay time for a nap!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Little Bit Starry Eyed Today!

Marley and Jasper are a little bit starry eyed today because they’ve been asked to “STAR” in a new venture. Woo Hoo…how exciting for them!

 have just started advertising on their new web site in Brisbane - Australia

and Marley and Jasper were spotted and have been recruited as their new mascots to advertise their wonderful pet beds.

The Bean Bag Pet Bed has two layers
The Outer Cover being from a hard wearing heavy duty woven oxford fabric which is a superior polyester fabric bean bag especially suitable for dogs.

The Inner Liner is made from an extremely hard wearing waterproofed polyurethane filled with polystyrene beads and has had the zip pull removed making it safer for Marley (can’t be chewed open), Jasper, kids and toddlers.
What I really love about the cover (after having been through quite a few pet beds over the past two years with “The Super Chewer” AKA Marley Long Legs) is that it is hygienic and it can be removed from the inner liner...
AND it’s fully machine washable.

Best of all, being a neat and cleaning freak I love the fact that it’s easy to keep clean. The dog hairs don’t stick to the pet bedding like some other softer fabric ones we’ve tried. It’s almost impossible to vacuum out all the pet hairs from some other pet beds.

Bean Bag Pet Beds outer cover can be easily removed and I can vacuum or brush them off.

Excuse me......yaaaaaawwwnnnn!!! While I take a nap now....

  ...all this acting has made me very tired.....

Shhhhhh!!!....while Marley's sleeping why don't you check out their web site for more information and to see Marley and Jasper in their first starring role.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Another Glorious Day

Monday was a Public Holiday. It was hot and sunny and such a glorious day that nobody should stay indoors….not even Marley and Jasper.

We headed down to our favourite dog walking beach for the afternoon, for a walk….a swim….and some fishing.

Marley and Jasper were so excited to be meeting some new friends along the way.

We kept them on their lead until after 4pm…..they’re very law abiding doggies.

What can be better than a game of ball for Jasper?
A game of ball on the beach of course!
 ...and lots of swimming with the children….

We watched the sail boats leaving the mariner

…and take to the open ocean…

..the other great thing about walking along the open ocean beach is….
…no more leash… I go!

What good little puppies we have…they never strayed further than a few metres from us.

Marley was never quite sure where he should be without his lead…he would stay right by my side ever looking up to make sure I was still there….so cute!

After playing in the sand both dogs rolled on the rocks….
…and shook themselves off….

We discovered a sea slug moving along slowly through the shallow water

And watched a fearless lone surfer take to the crashing waves

We searched for treasures among the rocks….

…even Jasper wanted in on the action…

We got very wet…

..very, very, very wet!

As the day wore on we jumped back in the car…

all tired and soggy and full of sand.

Daddy took us to a great fishing spot…

...and we fished until sunset…

...while Mummy took more photos of boats and other interesting things…

..and Jasper and Marley had a well earned rest…

…and when the lights came on…

…and the moon shone high in the sky…

...we headed for home..all tired out!