Sunday, April 18, 2010


One of my doggy friends recommended Photoscape the other day. Thank you Aiko. I think I'm going to love playing around with that program and creating some photo collages. I still have a long way to go to making them really special. Not sure yet what I'm doing, but this was my first attempt and I'm happy with how it looks. It's a free download program like Picasa.

Our lap dogs

This is one I call....."please Mummy don't throw us out in the rain!"
I took the three photos on the left last Friday on my way out to do the groceries. It had been raining all morning and the pavement outside was wet - all except for just 30cm from the house wall. Marley went and hid close to the pot plant on the only dry patch and gave me that look of...."you're not really going to lock us out here are you?" How awful did I feel. At least I came home and they were dry so they must have gone and hidden in the children's cubby house.


  1. I stopped by as I got your message on your avatar but I see it now!! Ya you got it working. By the way I have really been enjoying your photos lately, just beautiful!

  2. Hello - it´s great and looks like a prof. fotoshooting....hahahaaaaaaa - it´so easy - but hold on - it makes you more and more happy ....learning by doing - always the same way here.
    We have beautiful sunny weather with no aeroplanes at the sky - since two complete days - what a unkown quiet. Each bird sings and it seems to me like music from heaven.....
    Wuff and LG