Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Fishing at the Lake

On Sunday we took our visitors fishing at the lake not far from home. This is the same lake that we walked to a few weeks ago - our very long 8km walk that I wrote to you about.

The lake is actually an inlet that streams in from the ocean during high tide

It was low tide when we arrived and so where we swam in waist high water two weeks ago it was now dry sand beneath our feet

...sigh!....another dogless beach...Marley and Jasper had to stay home yet again...

we followed some interesting foot prints....

...made by this elegant looking chap!

The Great Blue Heron

A pair of cheeky seagulls came looking for some fish bait

A mysterious little cave across the other side of the lake...

....I wonder if anything lives in there?

Daddy helped us cast our lines. We used only fishing reels today.

We started to hear some rumbling from above....a storm was on its way

As is often the case living near the coast it can move in quite quickly

We packed our things and headed for home...no fish for tea tonight!

It took some a little longer to be coaxed from the calm water...

....and then down came the rain....

...we stopped to collect an interesting piece of coral. Notice the crab sand balls here again?

The storm approached us only from one side...the view to the other horizon was sunny and clear...strange weather living near the beach!

I love the contrast of the ominous clouds against the greens and browns of the trees...

...and the silhouette of this tree against the sunset over the shimmering lake...

...such a pretty place...morning and night!

...and as has happened before we arrived home to two very soggy doggy's who were extremely happy to see us!

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