Friday, April 30, 2010

Up Close and Personal with Marley and Jasper

Last weekend my daughter and I wanted to watch a movie together
One of those gorgeous Barbie movies. Our son was playing on his PS2 and so we headed for our bedroom and sat on the bed all snug and cosy having some girly time together.

And...of course who came to join us but two very cheeky boys!

It gave me a good opportunity to take some "Up Close and Personal" photos of Marley and Jasper

who quickly settled down very comfortably thank you very much!

What a regal profile you have Mister Jasper

Of course it didn't help that a certain big sister was eating some chips!

Shhh......don't tell Daddy we're up here!

Can anyone guess what I'm thinking...."Give the dog your food!"

Then once the chips were all gone.....

...are you sure they're ALL gone?...

...okay time for a nap!


  1. oh the begging eyes!

    Stella and Lorna liked watching the Tinkerbelle movie with me.

  2. I do know the begging eyes too! Every morning when I eat my cereals, Rouky sits down quietly, giving me the "I haven't eaten in days" look, even though he just did minutes ago! I usually let him lick the bowl... :-)
    I'm glad you had a fun girly time!

  3. Yes it's those eyes that have Jasper now needing to go on a diet. I keep telling the kids...don't feed him! and my the worst. When she looks after them she thinks because they follow her around the house that they are hungry...poor babies....she can't resist them either.

    Cavaliers can get very's in their disposition. SO we have to be strict with their diet.

    But oh....they are just too cute!