Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rawleigh's Antiseptic Salve

Rawleigh's Antiseptic Salve has been around as long as I can remember. According to their web site it has been around since 1889.

 My mother used it when we were children for every wound imaginable - scalds, burns, insect bites, knee grazes when we fell off our bikes, or tripped over, or fell out of trees.

And best of all it is terrific for animals!

On Monday poor little Jasper came running inside the house just as we were going to go out for the morning. He was yelping in pain and running around in circles.

Daddy had to catch him first and then three of us held him down to check what was wrong.

It was one of his back feet. He had been bitten by a green ant right between the toes - OUCH!

Green ants are nasty!

They are about 1cm in length, black with a green stripe along their back.
I tried to go outside to catch one so that I could photograph it but they are very fast and I didn't want to get bitten so I am using a photograph I found on the web at

We have many of them living outside the front garden and whenever we do gardening they will bite, so you have to boot up and wear thick socks and gloves. We've only ever seen them in the front yard but obviously poor Jasper found one in the back garden.

Their bite is very, very painful and will make your whole foot throb and ache. The itch from a green ant bite can last up to one week.
Rawleigh's Anitseptic Salve was my immediate choice for Jaspers green ant bite. It is a very sticky honey like ointment with a very pungent smell. As children we called it "The Stinky Cream."

It is difficult to find in stores here. It used to be sold by agents who lived in our neighbourhood. For a very long time we couldn't find it anywhere. But then we discovered someone selling it at a weekend farmers market nearby.

These days you can find anything on the web so here is the web site if you're interested in trying it.


  1. Hello - thank you sooooooo much! Oh poor Jasper was bitten by such a nusty little green ant. What a pitty and he has so pain. My Frauchen said she will look when she fly to Canada in June so perhaps she will find the raleigh-products. But first give Jasper a big big hug from me - we both are so different but beasts are all over the world....;-))
    Wuff and LG

  2. hi there, I just found your blog, and as we have a cav tri=colour (like your Jasper) in our home - Teddy, it is great to follow your adventures!!! Lucky you has two cavs!!! I remember this ointment from growing up too, I must go buy some for us - I used to love it - still do probably! The smell is unique isn't it!

  3. Poor Jasper... Give him lots of kisses from me. I do not like knowing that he is in pain. I'm glad the balm helped...

  4. The ointment works very fast. He stopped yelping in less than a minute. It must stop the itch as well.

    Thanks too to Anne. I will visit your blog later today as well.

    Thank you to all of you for all your friendly comments and for reading my blog.