Monday, April 12, 2010

Craft Market and Beach Day again...

We spent the morning at the local craft market showing our friends from out of town around
We loved the displays of colourful didgeridoos on sale

And all these beautifully carved African drums
We even enjoyed an African BBQ Lunch of Peri-Peri chicken burgers

Two carved Laughing Kookaburras stood sentinel at this store

and some gorgeous lillies in a variety of colours caught our attention

Tibouchinas trees are in bloom in Autumn

They have a mass of bright magenta purple flowers

After lunch we headed north to the beach for the afternoon

While most of us swam Daddy and Son (who had injured his toe) went for a walk and found this very interesting crab hole in the sand. Don't you think the way it pushes out these tiny balls of sand in a pattern is intriguing? It almost looks like a flower.

Clever little fellow!

Our son made us all leave our handprints on the sand

Then just before dusk we went fishing in the river. We only caught one fish that measured the right length to keep....

...but he lived to see another day because a very kind hearted little boy couldn't bear to see him eaten!
So he was gently placed back into the river and darted away like a silver streak. why couldn't we have come along?


  1. Hello - waoooooooooow - what a wonderful day - the little crab - what is she doing - why?
    How great to spent such a beautiful family day at the beach - sometimes it´s okay, that we dogs hold our beautysleep at home ;-))
    The problem with the URL is gone - I wrote only the first part of and so it goes -
    Have a nice week.
    Wuff und LG

  2. The little crabs live in those little holes. They are usually very close to the sea shore and when the waves wash over them they bury themselves under the sand. It's so interesting to walk along the beach and see many hundreds of little holes with these little sand balls just outside and imagine the little crab lives living happily beneath the surface. They must make the little balls of sand and push them to the surface so they can bury themselves deep under the sand.