Saturday, February 6, 2010

Marley "Long Legs"

Marley is our blenheim Cavalier KCS. For those of you who are not into dogs that stands for Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - not to be confused with the King Charles Spaniel which is another breed of dog. The Cavalier is a gorgeous round eyed dog with floppy long silky ears, a longish coat and obvious snout. It was the dog that belonged to King Charles II of England. They were interbred with flat nosed dogs such as the pug to later become the King Charles Spaniel of today. The King Charles Spaniel has a flat "pushed in" snout and protruding "bulgy" eyes. In all others ways they share the same colourings of the 4 types of this small spaniel breed - blenheim (tan and white), tri-colour (black, tan and white), ruby (complete tan), and the black and tan. In the 1920's so my reading explains the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that we have today once again emerged into popularity to bring again to the world the lovable round eyed longer snout type of the CKCS.

Marley was an adorable "impulse buy" puppy after losing Brinkley The hole he left for the children and even more so for me - a stay at home/work from home mother, who thrives on the company of a lovable pet while all others are out at school and work, was too much to bear at the time and so I spent a weekend scouring the breeders of the country to find another such adorable dog as Brinkley was.

Marley came to us in June 2008. He was a bundle of fluff and has grown into a lean long legged dog with a happy disposition and a love of chewing anything that is left lying around.

Evidence: - school shoe buckle (chewed beyond recognition)
Solution: Kids pick up all your shoes and visitors for your own good leave shoes at front door.
Evidence: Cushion covers on outdoor furniture - (all corners chewed to destruction)
Solution: Windows and screens now in outdoor area and dogs locked out!
Evidence: Jaspers golf balls (chewed until the outer covering is cracked open like an egg shell.
Solution: Yet to be found - suggestions welcome.

For all his chewing faults Marley is a lovable rascal who loves to hide under my skirts like a naughty child whenever Daddy walks into the room. He enjoys a lap cuddle and stretching out on the cool tiled floor.

He has a quirky "mohawk" thing happening on the top of his head which is definitely not the "breed standard" but which makes him lovable nontheless. It took me a long time to accept that he had that on his head - sort of like a mother whose teenage son comes home with the same hairstyle for the first time - I just wanted to get in and give him a haircut!!! After 2 years now I have finally accepted that it's not going anywhere and just to love him as he is.

You gotta love a dog that can give you a "High 5" instead of the usual old boring hand shake right? - that's our Marley.

more later......

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