Saturday, February 6, 2010

Jasper Kerplunk AKA "Mr Licky"

Jasper is our tri-colour Cavalier. He is shorter than Marley, black, tan and white with the cutest face and clear white snout. His fur is long and fluffy. We call him "Kerplunk" because he errs on the side of constantly on a diet - and loves to! and then "Kerplunks" in a heap on the floor. Sadly he has hip dysplasia which means his both hip ball and socket joints are not developed properly. The ball of the hip on one side only just touches the socket. If we let him get too fat it puts strain on his back legs and they slide outwards when he sits and gives him great pain.

Poor puppy - we have to limit his exercise and also his ball playing so that he doesn't overdo it on the hips. Jasper is only 18 months old so still a young puppy. We foresee not a good future for him unless we maintain his weight with diet and exercise.

In fact, if we don't keep him on a strict diet and watch his every move he will starve Marley. He is the alpha male between the 2 of them.

He is otherwise the most lovable and gentle natured dog. When we first picked him up at one of the Dog Shows from his breeder he was soooooo shy! He kept his head down and shivered in my arms all the way home.

On arriving home we introduced him to Marley - a bouncy playful definitely NOT shy puppy! Poor Jasper just kerplunked himself down on the kitchen floor and looked as if he wished the ground would open up and swallow him.

After about four hours of Marley bouncing around him and teasing him to come and play, Jasper gave Marley a quick growl and nip on the ear at which Marley made a very hasty retreat into the corner for the rest of the night - and so with one quiet "word" Jasper established himself as the alpha male.

Today, he is an adorable quiet dog who follows me around the house and yard unyieldingly. Even if he is fast asleep as soon as he feels me move from his side he is up and follows.

His favourite game is fetch! Golf balls are his choice of ball, but tennis balls will do nicely too. He has a voracious appetite (if you can call it that) for playing ball. Jasper gets so excited that he yelps while waiting for you to throw the ball. He will fetch the ball and come right up and place it in your hand or on your lap.

So you ask why AKA Mr. Licky? Well, I think that one is self-explanatory....lick lick lick your feet...your hands...whatever...YUK! right...I know. We've tried to break him of the habit but he will NOT be changed! I don't mind so much the feet licking while he plonks under my desk but that's as far as I will allow.

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