Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Random rainy day doggy ramblings....

It started raining this morning just as I had to go out for a doctors appointment....not just a light shower, but a massive downpour! We've recently enclosed our outdoor entertaining room - did I already tell you that....anyway, it now has windows and screens and I can lock it up. Before that it was open and the dogs could sleep under there when we weren't home and would jump up on the old cane furniture we had. It was getting chewed up and so were all the cushion corners by Marley - I have to Blame it on that Dog! because Jasper is just a little angel when it comes to chewing anything.

We have all new furniture out there and we don't want doggy paw prints all over it as it's so nice to have a lovely place to sit and that looks all new and comfy. Sadly, for my two boys it means getting locked out which 95% of the time is not a problem - except....when it rains. They are so used to being under cover that they haven't gotten used to finding somewhere else to run and hide when it rains. We have the cubby house open for them with one of their beds and some chew toys in there all cosy and warm for them.....but so far three times I have come home after it rained to find them looking like they'd just jumped out of the swimming pool - all dripping and wet and ears drooping down to the ground - a very pathetic sight.

I don't know how to retrain them to stay dry. I hope in time they will learn because I really hate to see them so wet and I am dreading the day I actually have to go out for a whole day. It's usually only an hour at the most - down to the school or the shops.

A few weeks ago we went out for the afternoon for three hours and so I closed all the blinds in the playroom (our garage/laundry/office/storage of kids toys room). I made it look like night time in there and then put the dogs to bed. By the time we came home it was night time and as we pulled up the driveway I could hear Jasper yelping frantically. He was bursting to go out to the toilet. At least they held on and they stayed dry, so I might have to try that a bit more often if it's raining when I go out. I think they would prefer it to being locked outside in the open.

I got home today and there they both were all droopy and wet and I just had to take these photos - not sure how well they'll come out because I took them through the flyscreen before I let them in and dried them off, but here goes....

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