Sunday, February 14, 2010

More about Marley and the hole stopped up...

I was sitting so peacefully outside today...enjoying my afternoon tea and then attempting to have a nap on my day lovely! and then bark....bark bark bark....bark...bark bark bark...and it was on again.

Marley first, then Jasper his smaller chubbier cohort followed him over to the side fence which we share with the neighbours white fluffy pooches. All four of them were having a good old chat through the fence and all of  a sudden I saw between the hedge branches and leaves Marley's head disappear.

I called out to Daddy to go and fix that hole once and for all. He thought throwing a sandal at Marley would solve the problem. Well, temporarily it did, Marley making a hasty retreat into the sunroom and hiding beneath my skirt...which he often does when he's in trouble with Daddy.

But, I was a bit more determined than that and so had to convince my dear darling hubby that seeing as we were heading out for the afternoon he really did need to address that hole - and so was added another long concrete edging paver along the fence to cover the next hole. So far it spans almost 5 metres...until the next time...should take by my calculations at least another good week and a half before the noses meet once again....the soil is quite dry and rocklike along the fence line - thank goodness or they would have long ago met and made a run for it.

I'm not too worried about the neighbours dogs coming over here. Marley and Jasper are Cavaliers after all. The "burglars friend" just about sums up their temperaments. Someone once told me that was what they were affectionately known as. Cavaliers just wouldn't hurt a fly...well...I have on ocassion seen them snap and eat a maybe I should say they wouldn't hurt another dog or person... I am more worried of Marley getting into their yard and then getting under their front fence and then onto the road outside. I'm not worried about Jasper getting out since it would take a pretty BIG hole for him to get under. He is such a chubbikins!

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