Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wool Box Amendment

I decided yesterday that I wasn't totally happy with how this wool box looked. The top was too flat and the sides were too plain so.....
I dropped into Spotlight and bought some wadding and added some padding to the top of the box and some fabric trim to the sides. This photo was taken in daylight so it is more true to colour.
What do you think?

Monday, September 17, 2012

Out of Hibernation

Remember this?

Over winter it progressed slowly and left me no time for blogging

Piecing it together was very tedious

But finally last week it was all done

....and it fits just perfectly with Little Miss' ocean theme room.

I searched high and low for ocean theme bed linen with no success until finally when I got my sewing machine earlier this year I decided to make my own.

I've decided sewing things that are basically square or rectangular is not that hard after all.

I even made cushion covers and table runners to match.

My son wasn't so keen on all those bright colours so I made this set for his room.

I'm just loving making cushion covers in all shapes and sizes and adding lots of buttons. 

It's so difficult to find extra wide sheeting fabric where we live so I adapted the design by adding panels.

...and then made this final cushion cover last week.

This old box once started out as a munitions box my father used while working for the water board in Melbourne. He carried two of these in his work vehicle with explosives inside which he used to blast up rocks where pipes needed to be laid.

After retiring I inherited the boxes from Dad and repurposed them into toy boxes for my then baby boy.

...and now after a good long spell as a toy box I've reinvented one of them into a box to store my wool stash!

I painted it beige and cut up a cushion cover that matches my chair to glue on top and inside the lid.

It also doubles as a great side table for my cup of tea.

Pretty Boys

"Oh The Shame Of It!"
Sometimes I think one little member of our family forgets Marley and Jasper are boys when you're bored on a Sunday night this is what you do to your dogs...

Jasper is NOT impressed!

But when all the family are in bed for the night then it's time to snuggle up to each other

Brotherly Love