Saturday, February 6, 2010

Brinkley - The Name

So you say you've heard the name before but can't remember where from. Let me put you out of your misery as you rack your brain trying to remember. It's from one of my favourite films of the 90's "You've Got Mail." Brinkley was Tom Hanks' Golden Retreiever dog that he wrote about. I always loved the name after seeing that movie and vowed that next time I owned a dog I would name him Brinkley. Part of my sadness of losing our Brinkley when he died was was in losing that name too. I wanted to hang onto the name and agonized over letting it go when we bought our next Cavalier, but replacing Brinkley so quickly was the only way I could cope with his death and missing him so much at home when I was home alone, so I couldn't just call the next dog (in this case Marley) by the same name. One day in the future I might use the name again because I really do LOVE the name as much as I loved the dog.

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