Saturday, February 6, 2010

Blame It On The Dog!

Our first Blog title was born of a comment made by one of our family when something happened and nobody wanted to own was adopted the saying amongst us all to "Blame it on the Dog!" Not really fair considering we can't defend ourselves with words. But the eyes tell it all. Cavaliers have the most innocent round eyes. Eyes that can melt, eyes that say - "Hey don't look at me, I was just laying here quietly minding my own business."

That expression "Blame it on the Dog" has continued to be used a number of times over the past 3 years that  Cavaliers have lived in this home. When something goes missing - "It's not me!" is heard echoing through the rooms...and in answer Mummy returns, "Oh well, we'll blame it on the dog!" When a broken item turns up unexplained..."blame it on the dog"...and so on it goes. Ofcourse secretly she and we all know that it wasn't really us...but she gives us a wink to let us know that we're not in trouble and with that quiet smile of hers and a pat and a rub around the ears she reassures us that she will get to the bottom of what really happened.

Teaching the lesson of owning errors is a challenge for any parent...and let's face it...when it's not something too serious...when it's humorous - then it's not such a bad idea to "blame it on the dog!" It sends a quiet message to the little people that Mummy is aware that it can't always be the dogs own up!

There are two of us living here at present. Jasper (that's me) and my brother Marley. We're Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. I'm the tri-colour - black and tan with a white snout and underbelly. Marley is a Blenheim - tan and white. We're both the same age, less a week, but from two different breeders. We've been together since we were very small puppies and so we've become the closest of friends - "brothers".

We're coming onto two years old in May. We hear that there was another Cavalier living here before us. His name was Brinkley. But I'll save his story for another post - that'll give you time to get the tissue box ready, it's a real tear jerker.

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