Monday, June 18, 2012

Sunday Afternoon

Sunday Afternoon Snack

Sunday Afternoon Cuddle

Sunday Afternoon Nap

Sunday Afternoon Stitching

How was your Sunday Afternoon?


  1. I wish to have such relaxing afternoon which is full of love and friendship!!!

    You stitching is too lovely!!!

  2. Your dogs are so sweet!
    your stitching looks very pretty.
    It looks like you had the best kind of Sunday afternoon!

  3. that sunday afternoon looks exactly as mine, well not with stitching of course. Im impressed by the artwork! It looks really special but way to comlicated for me! I stay with the snack and cuddle... ;-)

  4. What a loving, relaxing Sunday afternoon! As always, you take such beautiful pictures! Rouky and Fino would love to nap and cuddle with you! :-)