Sunday, June 3, 2012

Latest Creations

This week I finished my first Little House Needleworks sampler
"Home of a Needleworker Too"
Fabric: 28ct Beige Quaker Cloth
Threads: From my own stash of Semco, Anchor and DMC threads.

I really loved working this piece for several reasons. Firstly, it was quick!!! I finished it over two weekends which is a record for me. I love the colours and found this gorgeous frame which was just the right size. I'm going to hang it over my sewing table.

By the way - don't look too closely at my framing attempt. After taking the photo I realize how awful it looks. It's coming out tomorrow morning to reframe it. I was just too eager and excited to share it with you. I shouldn't do that. A badly framed piece really detracts from all our hard work stitiching it in the first place. I hope you'll forgive me this time. Promise I will fix it and repost a better photo in daylight. In fact I loved stitching this piece so much that I'm going to make another one in a different colour for the house for one of my crafting friends, maybe change the wording to Home of a Crafty Chick and perhaps change the little black bird to an Australian Crimson Rosella instead. What do you think?

So where do you store your WIPs so they are easily accessible to your stitching area? I've tried various different locations and storage containers or sewing bags or baskets over the years. This year I decided to store them in the loungeroom in this lovely cardboard box from the bargain store.

It's big enough to hold all my WIPs, threads, scissors, needles, fabric etc... but tends to get a bit heavy when I'm sitting to just reach in and take out what I need. These are my current WIPs - another LHN design I want to stitch soon - "The Family Sampler"; my "Weekend A Paris" by Gold Collection (which I must admit I am a bit bored with lately. I finished the lovely elegant lady and now all that beige stitching is sort of all over the place and it kind of annoys me when it does that. Having to jump from 3 stitches here of one colour and then 4 of another colour, then back to the first colour etc... Does anyone else suffer from stitching detail boredom at times? I guess that's what I loved about the LHN piece. It's so lovely to work on and easy to follow and count your stitches that it flows so easily and you don't have time to get bored with it.

I also received my "Sam and Peeps" kit in the mail last week. I actually ordered two of them. This one is for my favourite young mans room. Of course when Little Miss saw it she straight away said "Please can you make me one too" - knowing your kids and thinking ahead pays off. I ordered her the other Sam and Peeps design and you'll catch a glimpse of that one further down.

On Friday while out grocery shopping I found this lovely book box for under $10 at the bargain store. It's A4 in size and very light weight. So I decided my immediate WIP will be stored in this one. I can place it on the arm of my stitching chair.

I just loved the colours on it and it looks lovely as a decorative piece on the coffee table or bookshelf when you're not stitching. But, what I really love about it is that it has some sort of hidden magnet just under the lid so it snaps shut and nothing can fall out.

Needles, thread, cross-stitch chart and WIP.
What else do you need on hand right?

This Sam and Peeps design is called
"Windy Day"
Fabric: 14ct Blue Aida cloth
DMC threads included in the kit
This is what I am immediately working on this weekend.

Semco Bookmark
Kits available from Spotlight stores.

Lastly I'm sharing my Little Miss's first bookmark finish. I'm very proud of how quickly she has picked up counted cross stitch. I'm also so excited that she enjoys my favourite hobby almost as much as I do.


  1. Hello

    Your finish is lovely and I think it's frame really suits it. I like your idea of making another for a friend and personalizing it.

    Your boxes are lovely - I keep my charts in a magazine holder on top of my stitching drawers.

    That Sam & Peeps WIP is just so sweet! You've made loads of progress on it.
    Congratulations to your daughter - her bookmark is great, she is a needleworker in the making!
    Happy stitching!

  2. "Home of a Needleworker Too" is just beautiful. Very well done...

    I am a bit envious with what you found in Bargain Shop! They are like a treasure, so lovely...

    Your bookend is sooo cute...

    I have met with Sam and Pips before in Milly's blog. They are sooooo cute too!!!

    Wish you a great week with full of nice surprises...

    From Istanbul with love...