Thursday, June 7, 2012

Where is Sara? Can anyone help?

A very dear friend of mine owns this gorgeous Royal Doulton 'Lady Sara' figurine. She also has a beautiful painting of her. I would love to do Sara in cross stitch for my friend. I recently saw some Royal Doulton cross-stitch designs on Ebay and found Sara but missed out on her. So I know she is out there..... somewhere.....

Here is cross-stitch Sara in Red. I found her on Google images but the link was from 2009 and I can't find anyone who still stocks this pattern. If anyone knows where I could source the pattern and then I could adapt her to the blue/pink colouring I would be really appreciate it.

This lovely lady is Royal Doulton "Take Me Home." This elusive little lady is one I am searching for. I've seen her on Ebay a few times now but have always missed out on winning her.

Any guesses why I would love this one????

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  1. Sara is indeed gorgeous and worth to stitch! Why don' t you try to stitch, your Sara by copying figurine the Sara in picture?

    Colors are very distincsive so you may create your own. Be brave to do your own project!

    I love Royal Doulton Figurines and want to have even one of them (one day, I hope :))