Saturday, August 28, 2010

Getting ready for Spring

Yesterday I went to our local shopping centre and passed by the little florist there. She had the most beautiful hydrangeas on display in four different colourways in little pots ready for an indoor display and then later when they stop flowering they can be planted in a shady place in the garden.

As our outdoor room is decorated in beige and cream with eggshell blue cushions I chose these gorgeous light blue hydrangeas in a pot.

Then while looking for something completely different I found the perfect pot to put them in....

...and the perfect place to display them! I felt so happy to see them near my favourite reading chair ready for Spring in just four more days.....and keeping my little birds company.

So what has made you HAPPY today as you head for a lovely Autumn? I'd love to know.

PS. Did you spot a little tail flicking by.....he he he....! Cheeky puppy Jasper.


  1. It looked a very happy tail. :-)
    x x x
    lov Amie Soto Blossom.... We're battening down the hatches. Spring seems a long way off :-)

  2. I love your photos for a few reasons! Neutral colours and textures are always calming. White flowers I find breathtaking. AND that tail flicking by... too cute!

  3. Hi Jasper, hi Marley, what a dream - spring in front of the door.....oh I love it - so much - it´s my absolut favourite time of the whole year.....and your Pics and the new pot are great - I´m glad that you take the time to post.
    Wuff and LG

  4. I had to look at the pictures 3 times to see the tail! Got it! :-)
    BEAUTIFUL pictures! So serene. Perfection!