Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hello Spring

Hello Spring!

We're ready and waiting to play!

Hello pretty bird bath

...where little birds come to bathe...

Hello you Great Big 9ft Hibiscus Bush

I remember you only three years ago coming home in a 9 inch pot - you were just a stick. Now look at you, prolific with sunny yellow blooms.

Hello little purple pansies planted only three weeks ago

We know some 'Little Miss' who will be very happy to see you after school today

You Giant Purple Hollywood Pansy you!

Hello little lone yellow Jennifer're a bit slower in coming out to meet us, but one 'Little Sir' will be so delighted you've finally graced us with your presence. He was starting to envy his sisters pansy plantings.

Hello Mummy's parsley in two different varities. You're a bit much for us already....Mummy will have to bundle you up and give you away to the neighbours.

HELLO!!!! yummy strawberries...our mouths are tingling in anticipation of your arrival

Hello little white flower that grows on the big white bush out back... of these days we will have to find out your name.

Hello Beach! We're heading back to you very soon....after Jasper has a hair cut so he doesn't drown in all that fluff.

Hello ironing....Oh NO! No you don't....Go Away.....Not today. Not on this glorious SPRING Day.


  1. Love all those spring pictures! Jasper looks so happy in that picture. The flowers are beautiful. It reminds me that we are soon heading into fall here and then the season here in Canada we hate to think about.. winter.

  2. What lovely spring photos. Do the summers get very hot where you are?

  3. The Summers do get very hot here. Today being only the second day of Spring was 27 degrees celcius (73.4F). Mid Summer it will get to 40C(104F)and more. But it's the humidity that is so exhausting. Living near the coast we always get a lovely evening breeze coming in from the ocean so that's a relief. Spring is the loveliest time of year.

  4. Jasper looks SO HAPPY in this picture! He is smiling to us.

    Lovely Spring photos. I feel ready for Spring too... but autumn is around the corner here.

    Have a great day!

  5. Here we are over this end, well into an early Autumn. Good to see your getting ready for the Spring. We can also click here and on a Winter's day and know that somewhere in the world the sun shines :-)

  6. Ahhh you gave me some early fall inspiration to spruce up my garden. Really lovely photos! OK out with the dried up summer perrenials and out to the garden center today to get some fresh fall Mums!! Enjoy!

  7. What a lovely post with beautiful pictures!! Hello spring! We can't wait to see more photos of your happy faces on the beach, Marley and Jasper! Oh Marley, your cute face will be all over the town. How nice!

    Momo & Pinot

  8. Hi Friends downunder...It´s long time ago that I visit you. So Sorry!
    Springtime is coming there .....oh my god, here summer is gone and autum seems going very fast over to winter...brrrrr.
    Why cann´t we change our places for a while??? ;-))
    Wuff and LG

  9. Come back again, just to be sure that Spring is somewhere in the world :-) x x x

  10. Lovely flowers and cavis! I have a tri-color and a Blenheim also.