Thursday, September 30, 2010

Meeting Max

We visited Oma last week and had a swim in the pool...then after awhile we heard somebody coming and soon we were to know our peace would be over.

Our new friend Max arrived to visit too. He was HUGE!!! Only eleven months old and still full of puppy playfulness.

Max loves to swim in the pool as well. He jumped right in and went for a swim.

Marley didn't quite know what to make of this BIG GIANT who suddenly appeared. With tail between his legs he ran to spend the rest of the day on Mummy's lap.


Here he comes. Just look at the sheer terror in little Jaspers eyes. Max pounced on top of him like a little kitten....but with his weight he scared poor Jasper almost to death and almost knocked Jasper and Mummy into the pool with his playfulness. Max, we know you only wanted to play, but I don't think Marley and Jasper were quite ready for meeting such a BIG new friend.

PS. time bring your own ball. I don't think Jasper was very impressed with you taking his ball and biting it in half LOL!


  1. Hi boys, what a huge dogpuppy - I can read in your eyes what happend in this moment in you little hearts.....ohoooooooooooo!
    But the pics are soooooooo great.
    Have more fun in the pool
    Wuff and LG

  2. What a large lad you have been playing with.
    Trouble with large lads is that they never realise they are so large. We are just so much smaller, dainty infact. Hang on. Chomping on your ball isn't on now is it ?
    Think Max needs to grow up a bit :-) :-) :-) xxx Pup's eh!

  3. Poor Jaspar! That was a big doggie! I'm a big doggie too but I'm very gentle and careful w/ smaller animals. Just ask my kitty friend!
    P.S. I love your colors Jasper - just like mine!