Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cute, Cuddly and Cavaliers

Mr Teddy has been moving around our house from room to room over the past few months. He's just a big dust collector (as cute as he is) and nobody much wants him anymore because he makes us all sneeze!

Lately he's been moved from chair to chair in the loungeroom until we can think of what to do with him.

He was a present for one of our children when they were born so we're reluctant to just throw him away.

He makes a good pillow!

Sigh.....he's very soft and cuddly.

Please don't throw him away Mummy...I promise I won't chew him up...

Mr Teddy is my special friend.

Hey, don't be greedy...I love his cuddles too.

He pats me on the head...

...and I snuggle up close...

Zzzzzzzzzzzz! Good night!


  1. very cute pics! i think Mr. Teddy earns his keep as a cavie cuddler:)!

  2. I think poor Teddy might need a holiday.
    He looks slightly stressed. :-)
    x x x

  3. That is just too cute! You couldn't possibly get rid of Teddy. He looks very needed by a couple of Cavaliers.

  4. Very cute and cuddly teddy bear! I sent a picture of Marley and a picture of Jasper with Teddy to my husband at work (please don't tell!!!), as he is a huge fan of your cavs, and he answered "Incredibibly beautiful pictures and beautiful dogs". It's true!
    At home, I have a huge white teddy bear that is turning gray. It's in much worse condition that Teddy, but Rouky loves to "play fight" with him, so I still hesitate to let it go...