Friday, June 25, 2010

Cat Dog Cavalier

Marley and Jasper love to sit in the sun and watch the goings on outside

Marley is our especial "cat dog"

Yesterday he was all sleepy as he soaked in the afternoon sun lazing on the armchair like a cat!

He watched the cars go by for awhile....

...and then fell into a deep, deep sleep. I was able to quickly take these photos while he was sleeping and  then loaded them onto my computer.... why you may ask is he now sleeping here on the opposite side of the room after only fifteen minutes? While I was busy loading the photos, all of a sudden I heard a THUMP! and then a YELP! Poor Marley was so deeply asleep that he fell right off the armchair and hit the floor with a thud! After getting up all dazed  and dizzy, and coming over for a cuddle he leapt up onto the opposite lounge and looked like a shell shocked puppy. Silly Marley!


  1. *OUCH* That is a looonnngggg fall!! Hope your not too sore. But you do take a fine picture!

    <3 Miss Kodee @Bark'n About

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  3. As Miss Kodee said, this is a long fall... Poor Marley! His lookalike, Rouky, also sleeps on top of the couch like a cat. It's his favorite spot when he is home alone.

  4. Marley is okay now. I have noticed a bit of a limp since this day....must get his spine checked...he may have disjointed something...he doesn't seem to be in pain though. Marley doesn't snore. He is my quiet boy. It's Jasper who is the loud snorer.