Monday, June 7, 2010

Jasper's review of the day

Can you guess what I'm thinking?
"C'mon Mummy....throw that ball!"

It was a cold winters day and Mummy gave us a bath so we look all fluffy and cuddly, but we couldn't go outside to play until we were fully dry. Mummy didn't want us to get muddy paws again because we have some visitors coming tomorrow and she wants us to make a good impression.

I know you'll laugh when you hear what Mummy thinks "cold" is...wait for it....over here it was 19 degrees Celcius today (66.2F)....I know right!!!....but you have to understand that when you live in a climate that gets to 45C (113F) in the Summer and only 15C (59F) in the middle of winter, then I guess 19C is pretty cold for some's what we call aclimatizing. Twelve years ago when Mummy and Daddy first moved here from 2500kms (1553 miles) down south, they were swimming in the ocean in July. After twelve months they were wearing long sleeves and wouldn't dream of swimming in Winter. Mummy only needs her warm winter coat out once a year at the most if she goes out at night. I know what you're snows where you are, but over here our humans live in shorts and short sleeves for more than ten months in the year. Today Mummy had on some jeans and a long sleeved cotton top and that was warm enough to go outside for a game of ball.

As usual I was chasing and retrieving my favourite golf ball. It hasn't rained here for more than a month but it's still lovely and green....even after Daddy mowed the lawn on the weekend.

I was so excited to be playing ball that Mummy had a hard time trying to photograph me.

Marley wasn't interested in playing ball. He was busy slinking around the yard like a cat and eating grass again.

We don't feel the cold. We have such lovely warm coats!
Mummy was admiring those cute doggy coats that some of you wear over your way recently, but we don't need them. Our own coats are warm enough. Only in Summer I (Jasper) will need to be clipped since I suffered in the heat last Summer.

This is Marley's ready to WOOF! face. He could hear Daddy's car coming around the corner.

What did you say Mummy? "Daddy's Home!"...Okay better go and get a cuddle and a scratchy massage from Daddy - He's the best!


  1. Jasper you have a fluffy coat!! Mom says us tri's are much harder to groom. My white hair always gets felties on my chest that need to be cut out.

    Your right on the weather!! Mom loves temps 60-75 - anything higher she whines... err I mean is not as *happy*

    <3 Miss Kodee @Bark'n About

  2. Jasper, you have such a fluffy, beautiful fur! You look awesome! And you have such advanced reflections for a dog!!! For my mom who lives in Quebec, 19oC is not cold (it's a nice spring weather), but she understands that for yours, it's another story. But don't worry, winter is not forever. Soon, summer will be around again.
    I LOVE the picture where your brother is ready to woof! :-)

  3. Hi Marley and hi Jasper - such an excact story over your life down under with this horrible
    ;-)) brrrrr cold temperatures - I can imagine how wonderful living can be there. Shorts and now warm winterclothes - that what my mum wants to wear and over ten month - my Godness that sounds gooooood.
    The last days weather was finally warm warm warm and so I hope more sunny days will follow.
    I spent some days with my friend Luna at her house meanwhile my mum and dad will fly to Canada....for holiday....
    To all of you a big hug and a loud wuffff