Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fairy Floss (Candy Cane)

A few people commented last post that Jasper looks so fluffy!
You're right. He is very fluffy. Daddy actually trimmed him last Summer - or hacked into him with the paper cutting scissors more like it!

I couldn't find a groomer and while I was searching Daddy got sick of all the dog hair and decided to try his hand at a Jasper Kerplunk haircut!

It's mostly all grown back now in time for winter, but he is so fluffy.

When we first got him I thought it was just his puppy coat, but he is two years old now and it seems like this is it.

His breeder told me that some tri-colours do get that "Fairy Floss" looking coat. Not sleek and silky like they should be. I guess that's another reason he couldn't be kept as a show dog.

I rather like his fluffyness as compared to Marley's coat though. Especially his beautiful "lions mane."

Although Marley has the lovely white feathering he doesn't have that lions mane on his chest and his tan fur is quite short on the sides.

What's your Cavaliers coat like?


  1. Charlie is more fluffy that I would like. I think we should give him a trim but I am not sure how.

  2. After the horrible hacking job poor Jasper had I rang his breeder and she told me that clipping Cavaliers with the professional shavers they often use on other breeds can also cause their fur to grow back with that that fairy floss effect. She suggested finding a groomer who will scissor cut them professionally. We don't have many Cavaliers where I live so I haven't as yet found someone who really knows what they're doing.

    I'm waiting until just before next Summer....which...well for you is I hope you can find someone to do a good job.

    If it didn't get SO hot here I wouldn't get him cut at all - I love their long hair look and fluffyness.

    I have heard that you should never cut any of their feathering under their legs, tail, ears, and their lovely mane.

    I do want to clip under their paws though as they slip on the tiles in the house a bit, but will keep the longer bits that grow betweem their toes.

  3. Rouky is one 1 year old, so I feel his hair will grow longer during the next year. It has already grown a lot during the past 4-5 weeks, mostly on his behind. Cavaliers are very rare in Quebec (people always ask if Rouky is a mixed breed), so the breeders don't know much about the correct trim... :-(