Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Australia Zoo

 We wanted to share with you some photos of our trip to Australia Zoo. It was a few years ago now, but one of our blog readers was talking about the tigers at this zoo the other day, so I dug out some old photos to share with you...

As you can see from the directions board Australia Zoo is home to a large variety of Australian animals. In recent years they have added animals native to other countries as well - elephants, tigers, even cheetahs. But I'll leave them for another post. For today though I wanted to show you some photos of the crocodiles.

Say hello to this big fellow....up close and personal with a Saltwater Croc!

Steve Irwin was most famous for his dealings with crocodiles. He was known as 'The Crocodile Hunter'.

Did you know a saltwater crocodile can use his tail to propel himself straight up out of the water to catch his prey! Is that a scary thought? Don't think I'll be leaning down to drink out of any rivers in northern Queensland too soon after seeing this.

....C'mon Big Fella....come and get your num nums!

Getting closer.

Crocodiles are very fast in the water...but slower on land...still I wouldn't be getting too close.

Oops...what do you think you're doing in here? A bit of an identity crisis I think. You're a Komodo Dragon not a croc!

Just where I like them....behind bars!

Okay....I think it's time to RUN before you're totally cornered.

Tune in next time for Australia Zoo Part II - The cute and cuddly kangaroos and koalas.


  1. What a nice day for the Zoo! If you do not mind I added you to my My Inspirational Blog List.

  2. Thanks Lisa. I feel very priveliged. That's very kind of you.

  3. Beautiful photos! That croc is gigantic! Better not getting too close!