Thursday, June 10, 2010

Can you outrun a tiger?

My favourite animal in the whole wide world....after my Cavaliers the tiger!

 Last year we visited a wildlife park and one of our favourite shows was the Tigers.

As much as I love them I am filled with a sense of shivering awe. I always thought if I was ever confronted by a tiger I would run to the nearest tree and climb up.

Did you know Tigers climb trees?

I didn't....that gave me the shivers....brrrr...

 I don't think I'd want to come face to face with one. Just look at those teeth!

 I thought this one was just amazing...the sheer size compared to his trainer.

Sitting up and begging like a puppy dog - now that's cute!

Just seeing them airborne like this made me realize just how high they can jump...

...and how far they can leap...

...even the water couldn't protect you because they love to swim...

I don't think I could outrun a Tiger. Could you?

PS. I just added another photo in answer to a comment. At certain times of the day the trainers walk one of the tigers around the park and anyone can come up and pat them, but only from the back.


  1. Beautiful pictures! I LOVE tigers too! They are majestic! I think I've seen a tv show about this wildlife park in Australia. Is this the place where you can "pet" the tigers if you pay 200$ or something? I've always dreamed about doing this...but I'm not sure if I would!!!

  2. Thanks for much for the info, on this blog and on mine. The tiger in the last photo looks big! Look at his paws! I'll sure visit both places if I have the chance to go to Australie (fingers crossed!).

  3. I am just in awe of them too! Whoa I didnt know they could climb trees?! Mind you I dont think I could use that get away plan anyways as my ol body wouldnt be able to climb a tree to escape anyways! Beautiful pictures!