Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sewing Corner Score!!!

Not ten minutes after finishing my last post I popped onto ebay to have another quick look for a sewing table. Nothing! So I decided to check out if there were any desks that might work for us and found this one. It's restored silky oak, exactly the same timber as our office desk. It even has a glass top which is what I was going to do with the other desk I saw. So easy to keep clean and won't scratch or damage. Perfect!!!

I LOVE that it has this door that opens upwards and has the drawer and cupboard underneath. It's like a secret compartment.... ooooo ...how exciting!!!

...and best of all it came with a bonus matching chair so I don't have to keep borrowing one of our kitchen chairs when I want to sew. One chair like this alone would retail for around $165 over here.

Can't wait to pick it up and start sewing.

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