Friday, April 27, 2012

April Projects

Remember this cross-stitch I started two weeks ago?
"One Will Never Do"
Designed by: Brian Jackins

It was a great little quick project to do while I was home with a cold.

I just love all the different bags

The colours were so bright and happy to work with

This gorgeous little brown one was my favourite

I found the perfect little frame for it today at Big W and it was very easy to lace up and frame. It's only 5" x 7" (13 x 18cm).
I wasn't too sure about the black frame being that I just love whites and beiges and creams and all things French country. But Michelle just loved it when I dropped in to her this afternoon - and it perfectly compliments the other one I did for her last year

(which I might add she hadn't framed yet)
This cross stitch kit was a present from her Mum but as Michelle had never tried cross-stitching before and wasn't inclined to any time soon I offered to do it for her. Maybe this will motivate her to get it done.

I also had this one framed this week. I really do need to get my camera out and stop using my mobile phone for photos. The colours just don't do this justice.

I also want to share with you this lovely beach bag made by one of our kids for Home Economics class last term. It's fully reversible and has a pocket on the front for sunglasses and such.

I was amazed at the excellent sewing as a first timer and it was what really motivated me to go and finally buy us a family sewing machine and get our sewing corner up and running.

Our other young one also caught the sewing bug and this is a first attempt at sewing up a pencil case.

....and ofcourse Marley had to show you that he too loves to work with fabric... though not in the way that I like. Hey, is that one of our good bath towels you're chewing there Marley???

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