Monday, April 9, 2012

"Sew" keen to sew!

Somebody needs to buy herself a sewing machine!

Can you believe my father was a tailor by trade and my mother has always been a whizz at sewing. For some reason, probably because Mum had to work so hard when we were children, that and the fact that I am left-handed and sewing on a machine just frustrated me no end because I wanted to stuff all the fabric through the arch instead of it laying so neatly and easily on my left, I never learnt to sew beyond a straight seam.

I contented myself with learning hand sewing, needlework, cross-stitch and crochet instead.
Can you also believe that now in my late 40s I really want a sewing machine, mainly so that I can finally finish off all my cross stitch designs properly and also because both my children are learning to sew at school and are keen to sew at home.

Any mending we've ever had has always been sent over to my parents, but they are getting older now and it's high time I learnt to sew.

So this week I am going out to buy myself a sewing machine.

 I don't know the first thing about buying sewing machines so my Mum is going to come with me to help me pick the right one.
...and then I can finally finish this cushion top that I've been wanting to use. I had previously hand sewn it onto a cushion but the cushion cover wore out and I removed the cross-stitch from it until I could sew it properly onto another one.

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  1. Your Cross-stich is very beautiful! Enjoy your first sewing machine shopping!

    Have a great weekend!

    Momo, Pinot & mom