Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cross-Stitch Corner

Oh No! What is happening here?

A CAT on Cavaliers Corner!!!

I've decided to share another corner of my heart with you all today
"Cross-Stitch Corner"
I've been an avid cross-stitcher since I was 8 years old... so many many years ago now. Over the years I've completed dozens of different designs and I'm hoping to make this a regular feature of Cavaliers Corner - if that's okay with you two Marley and Jasper?

Ho hum - We'll wait and see if it works.

The design above was my very first attempt at what I thought at the time was a cross-stitch, it was actually a tapestry done with DMC threads and odd pieces of cotton and wool my mother had laying around the house back in the 1970s. I chose random colours myself from the supplies I had at the time, so please don't judge this primitive piece - remember I was 8 and self-taught. I really am glad I've kept it though. It's a happy memory for what has become a life long crafting passion.

 This one was my very first no-count cross-stitch. "No-Count" meaning the design is pre-printed on the fabric and you work the threads over the stamped design. Sadly I had it framed by a non-professional at the time who was really only a framer for photos and prints. She glued the cross-stitch to the backing board and over the years as it has hung in our various homes in varying states of humidity and lastly in my daughters bedroom here in the tropics it started to grow mould under the glass and on the fabric, which I think has permanently damaged the piece now. If you look closely you can still see a "yellowish brown" stain in parts. I've bleached it, soaked it but no success at getting it back to the lovely state it was originally in. I keep it now as a memory. Hours of love as a young girl went into this piece.

And just so you do believe that I've come along way since those early days here is a Pansy design I stitched in 2005.

...with some close up detailing...

I love pansies. Don't you?

These days I pass on my passion to both my children, boy and girl. This is my daughters first attempt at a "Counted" cross-stitch when she was 8 years old. It took me years to be able to do counted cross-stitch (where each stitch is counted onto the fabric, no stamped design beneath). Excellent attempt! What do you think boys?

"Did she say something to us Jasper?"

"Shhh Marley...just keep pretending to sleep."

Grrrrr....I'm still annoyed about that CAT!


  1. Hello my friends - thanks - I was wondering and glad to see your comment....I love all this wonderful handcrafts and looked at them with open eyes. Oh the pics are so great Marley... is so cute. We are back from a trip to Holland and now we wait that springfeelings will never end.....I love this time of the year. So long and the best for you down under ;-)
    Wuff and LG

  2. All sleeping beauties. Nice blog and cute dogs!