Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Changing of The Guard

9.00am - Kids gone back to school after two lovely weeks at home on holidays to play with Marley and I. I'll just sit here and wait for them to come home...

10.00am - Time for a nap...  Marley! Marley! It's your turn to keep a watch.

What? What's that? Oh. Okay. I'll watch the window while you sleep.

11.00am - What to do now?

12.00 Noon - Should I go back to the window and keep waiting...

12.30pm - Waiting..... Waiting....... Waiting......

1.00pm - What was that? Did you hear something Marley?

Nah.....it's just all those high school kids catching the bus home for an early mark.

2.00pm - What? Huh! What was that? Did I hear something? ...Grrrr... it was just Mum making herself a cup of tea.

3.00pm - Here they come Jasper!!!!

Yay! Licky time! - My kids are home again.

(We apologise for the multiple postings today. We exceeded out internet download limit last month for the first time ever and so couldn't post all these photos until the new billing cycle today. We think it's Mum's new iPad just sucking up all those Gbs. Hopefully that won't happen again. They (our ISP) slowed our internet speed right down to almost dial up speed (or should we say non-speed. We've forgotten how slow that used to be).

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