Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sewing Corner Project

Many years ago I found this old tin in a secondhand shop and used it as a biscuit tin

I just loved the old fashioned picture on top. I kept it for awhile but then passed it on to my mother and she used it store her button collection. 50 years of buttons in fact. All either bought or cut from used clothing or those extra buttons you get when you buy an item of clothing. Many - actually most of them still had threads in them and I set myself the project the other night of sorting them all out. Simply cutting the threads off took me many hours. But finally....

...I was able to sort them into some glass jars. I just LOVE the way these white ones look altogether. Like a lovely shell collection don't you think?

...and some black ones...

...and coloured buttons too!

There are another three plastic containers with all the brown ones, gold and silver buttons and grey ones. I need to find some more glass jars for those.

This is the sewing machine the children and I finally decided on. It's not a beginners machine but not for experts either. Just middle of the range, which suits us just fine. I especially love the fact that it has an automatic needle threader. Once I turned 40ish I needed glasses for reading and close up work.

This is the one that got away! (Insert sad face)
My son and I saw this in the local Lifeline store for $45. It was in excellent condition with a leather insert top (my plan was to remove it and replace it with a sheet of glass for easy cleaning) and I would have painted it white and put new handles on the drawers. I had planned to go measure our sewing corner space to make sure it fitted and then go back to get it. But....silly me! It was gone. It was the perfect size for what I needed too. Oh well, it wasn't meant to be so we'll keep looking. I have looked at the Horn sewing cabinets but they are so expensive for what they are and only made of laminate. We love solid timber in our home, doesn't matter if it's old because we can paint and revamp it.

So that's my plan for our sewing corner so far.  It will be a small corner in our office for sewing and crafts.

I also scored an old timber pincushion from my Mum and have a plan for revamping that too, but I'll save that for another post!

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