Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Brinkley's Dress Ups

Take two small children and one Cavalier and you have the perfect combination for a dress up party. Poor Brinkley never complained though - he just endured it with his usual calm and placid nature.
"Oh No! what have I gotten myself into. Not even here for one week and already they're dressing me in human clothes."

"Sigh....looks like they're planning on taking me out in public like this too..."

"Do they really think I need a teddy bear...
I know I look cute...but please someone stop them now."

"How humiliating...they do know I'm a boy don't they?"

"Oui Oui mon ami....I am a French Cavalier...."

"I'm off to the snow fields any moment out snow I come."

"Sssshhhh!.......if I keep my eyes closed maybe they won't see me..."

"Okay...enough is enough....this is the ultimate in humiliation...what am I supposed to be now?"
"Okay, now this is more like we're talking!
I'm being treated like a King at last...dress up party is over!"

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