Sunday, March 7, 2010


It's been raining so much here the past two weeks that everything in the yard is just slush and mud. The puppies haven't wanted to go outside much and so they've been catching up on a lot of sleep inside. On top of that sickness has spread through the family and it's meant as a mother and wife that I haven't been out of the house for almost 14 days.

Yesterday we had a reprieve from the rain for a few hours and I was bursting to take photos. Jasper followed me outside for a few minutes but then went straight back inside to the dry no good puppy photos from him either.

So I decided to take photos of anything and everything and patterns started to catch my eye. My daughter was taking happy snaps of things around the house the other day, you may have seen the small image on my side bar that I've labelled "French Provincial". It's from a candle lantern and she snapped just the design on the front glass panel door. I thought that was such a nice idea and so we happily walked around the house taking photos of all different patterns.


It started me thinking about design and how talented some people are to think of creating things and incorporating design and patterns in the things they make and the sometimes perfect symmetry they incorporate in their designs. It got me thinking about the thought process that goes into making something truly beautiful as well as functional.

The talent, the intelligence the sense of order that is needed to do this....

Even small children can have talent, artistic ability and use their wonderful imaginations to create patterns. It got me thinking too about the reasons, the motives that people have in creating works of art.

A gift of LOVE from my son when he was 9.

Made with LOVE by my mother when I was 16.

Another work of art made for me by my son.

And then.....we noticed that ART often copies reality....
And patterns and design and order exists in nature.....

So then that raises the question ???

Whose intelligent, organized, artistic and imaginative mind designed these?

Even some puppies have perfect symmetry in their markings.

Can it really be reasoned away that design in nature "just happened?"
What do you think?

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