Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Very BIG Guinea Pig

I don't think I've told you yet about the day I first brought Brinkley home. It was a Sunday and I had spent a few weeks looking for a puppy. This Sunday I finally heard from a reputable breeder three hours drive from here. Her dog was the father of a litter of puppies and there were three available still. She led me to the home of the mother dog which by chance happened to be only ten minutes from home. I rang the owner of the puppies and I was able to view them that same day.

 I left my children with their father who kept them occupied while I snuck out for an hour. On the way to picking up the puppy I stopped by the shops and picked up some puppy food, a bowl and some other bits and pieces.

I took along a big picnic basket, one of those cane types with the two flaps that open each end. I put the puppy into the basket and then casually walked in through the back of the house and placed the basket on the kitchen floor. My husband and the children were still playing in the living room and they had no idea where I had been. Before I left I arranged for my husband to have the video camera ready in the kitchen so that we could catch the childrens reaction to their new "little brother." I called them into the kitchen and then asked them to please go and get some things out of the picnic basket for me. They approached it unawares but then heard a small sound coming from inside so they became anxious.

My daughter very slowly opened one end of the basket as my son opened the other end. At the same time my son asked "What's in here?" my daughter caught a glimpse of the tail end of something and declared "I think it's a really giant guinea pig!" My son then said all bewildered.... "Somebody put a puppy in here...." and then the dawn of realization came over his little face and he looked up at me and very slowly said ""

That moment caught on tape was so precious....

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