Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Game of Ball

Finally! The sun came out today after four weeks of constant heavy rain. The dogs were so happy to get outside

For a change Marley was happy to have his photo taken. Both dogs hate the flash on the camera so whenever they see me coming with the camera they run and hide...but outside it's a different story

 Jasper was just bursting to have a game of ball with me.

He ran into the bushes and found his favourite pink tennis ball and brought it and dropped it at my feet

He gave me that excited look of "C'mon let's play ball!"

I threw it and Jasper kept bringing it back but then after 20 to 30 games of throw and retrieve

He dropped into the Mondo grass that both the dogs love to lay's so soft...

After five minutes rest Jasper pushed the ball out towards me with his foot as if to say....I'm ready for round two...

All the while Marley stood close by. He loves to get in on our ball game but he never quite retrieves it and brings it back like Jasper does....even if I have two balls Marley will chase the same ball, but Jasper is quicker and takes charge...

So Marley was content to walk through the Mondo grass and graze on the new shoots.

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