Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Still raining....

The March rains continue....still no going outdoors for Marley and Jasper. They stay close to the house and sleep a lot. We had visitors staying last weekend and we took them sightseeing for the day. I made up a nice warm bed in the cubby house and hoped and prayed that our puppies would be smart enough to go inside when it started raining. As it turned out after five hours we returned home to two very dry dogs...seems they're not so silly after all. It had rained here, Marley was scraggly around the ears so I knew he had been wet but dried out and the big old towel I spread out on the dogs mattresses in the cubby house was soaking wet. They must have gotten soaked but then spent the rest of the day drying off and sleeping in a nice warm nook. Good dogs....good dogs.....they were very happy to see us when we got home.

No soggy doggy photos to show you today so I'll share a few pics I took in the cute little hinterland town we visited instead.

I loved this gorgeous little girl and boy statuette outside of one of the shops. It rained all day but everything was so green and the flowers were all open.

Absolutely loved the lace work on this place

Such intricate detailing

A small offering to Mummy from her favourite little Princess

Home and happy to be warm and sleeping again

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