Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Forever Puppies

When I was a little girl I loved puppies. I've always loved dogs with floppy ears - Spaniels, Labradors, Golden Retrievers. Floppy ears and longer hair and definitely a feathery tail is an added bonus.

For many years growing up and into adulthood I dreamed of one day owning a Pyrenees Mountain Dog - those huge big St Bernard size all white dogs. I just love the look of them even now.

Of course I didn't realize you also need a HUGE plot of land to run them around on....and they would probably have a HUGE appetite to go with it.

When I was 12 I finally talked my father around into letting me get a dog. I scoured the national newspaper looking for any all white dogs with floppy ears and amazingly on my first attempt at looking found a lady way way over the other side of town who had bred her Labrador with a Samoyed. The result being an all white labrador with floppy ears and a feathery samoyed tail.

He became a legend in the town where I grew up. I'll have to dig out my old photos one day and scan one in for you to see. His name was Andy.

But he's not the reason I'm writing today. It was when I had Andy that I remember wishing he would always stay a puppy - that cute playful face and the fluffy cuddliness that only a puppy can have.

As I've mentioned before I had never heard of Cavalier KCS before until 4 years ago when I was looking for Brinkley.

So you can imagine my pure delight to have discovered the only dog I believe in existence that remains
all it's life.

Cavaliers just have that cute puppy face no matter how old they are. Those long floppy ears and those big warm brown eyes.

And because they are a lap dog and don't grow more than approximately 30cm they will always maintain their "puppiness."

I have children at the school calling my dogs puppies even though they are now fully grown.

I'm in love with my


  1. My Grandfather owned and showed 2 huge Pyrenees Mountain dogs. Such loving animals!

  2. I adore the puppyy look of cavaliers too! And on tv when I was little, there was a children's show titled "Belle et S├ębastien" featuring a beautiful Pyrenees Mountain dog. I fell in love! Of course, in my tiny townhouse, he would certainly feel clostrophobic!:-)