Monday, July 18, 2011

Unintentional Bird Collecting

Inspired by our bird bath which attracts lots of little visitors...

..and the two cheeky Willy Wagtails who visited us last year
- you can read about them here

My husband and I bought these two little birds to decorate our outdoor room.

The plant they guard changes with the seasons, but the birds stay here looking pretty all year around.

Then I found a bird house and added a little bird to sit beside it. Recently I also found some Bird book boxes and have used them around the house for different purposes.

After that my husband made it his mission to start collecting birds made out of all different materials. So the Bird collector in this post has turned out to be - not ME but my dear darling.

This is his favourite so far

A little interesting bird made of wire, must admit I do love it too, so unusual.

This little duck egg blue bird I found at Sam's Warehouse (a cheap $2 shop) for just $1 and it holds a little tea light or small size candle. It's kind of stuck in him since the last dinner party we had...  hmmm...  might have to cut it out soon so I can replace it.

Here's another of the book boxes. There were three inside each other. I got them on sale 75% off at one of my favourite home furniture stores. They were getting rid of all their accessories and ornaments. I had planned on only buying the biggest one for all the loose mail in the office, but when the lady said I could have all three for the price of just one, well I wasn't going to say no was I?

This little 3 dimensional plaque is just gorgeous. It's made of plaster I think. The colours are so vibrant and I love the little saying on it too. Being content with the things we have rather than always having what we want.

At another homewares store that was closing down I recently found this little platter. Just big enough for my cup of tea and a treat on the side.

Here is a close up of one of the book boxes.

I found these two bird pictures and seeing that they also had the same duck egg blue colourways added them to our outdoor room.

They remind me of  Japanese influenced painting with the blossoms.

So pretty!

A few weeks ago we visited on of our favourite little craft towns and my "Little Mister" spent his pocket money without me knowing on this gorgeous glass jewellry box. He said "I just had to get it for you Mummy because it has a little Birdie on top." So cute! I love it. It sits on top of my desk.

Then Dear Darling found our most recent bird. A ceramic bird in light green. Love the cut work and texture of this one. I really am spoilt. I don't even need to start collecting myself, the boys in the house have taken it upon themselves to do it for me!

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  1. Your bird collection is SO BEAUTIFUL and romantic! Wow! Mom is in love with it!